Melancholia I

by Andrea Liuzza

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2008, Goodfellas. Released under my own name. Nine very autobiographical and dark pop songs


released June 29, 2008

Written and recorded by A.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Born
This is not my place
This is not my people
This is not my day
This is not my story
This is not my life
This is not my sex
This is not my voice
This is not my song
Track Name: Melancholia
The first is a boy who stands in his lonely room
He never makes love just makes war
He'd never ask for something more

Then there's a gilr who stands in her little room
She cuts her skin with a knife
Looking at blood to find life

And this is very weird ain't it?
Yes I think it's weird

And I'm coming home again -happiness!
These tears will raise back to the sky
Close your eyelids yeah

I will be the one for you and you will be the one for me
In the whole world said the girl to the boy
Forever and ever
Eh ehi

And I'm coming out again -madness!
Maybe we should stop before hurting gets to much yeah

Track Name: Birdie
When I was a little child I was so in love with any girl that was kind to me
When I was a little child I thought that I was great I didn't care too much for my weight

They called me the little prince

When I was a little child I thought things had a soul so I used to excuse with the clothes I didn't use
When I was a little child I found a fallen bird one day My papa told me he had cured it and I believed him

They called me the little prince

I had never been rejected
I had never doubted myself
Track Name: I Kissed Alice
We were standing by the tracks waiting for her train
She was my best friend and I did love her so
And all the while we were together talking about Baudelaire
All the while I was ever dreaming about me and her

I kissed Alice

So we were standing by the tracks waiting for her train
We were alone beside the people and the train did come
And she approached me so plainly
She gently posed her petal lips upon mine

I kissed Alice
Track Name: Pink Rabbits Are Always Happy
There is nothing more to say
true not fake
I'm so sorry

You were the glitter of the stars
You were the glitter of my heart

Like anyone

And I will never be the same
And I will never be again

Like anyone

There is nothing more to say
now that
the more I love you the more I loose you

I am a child who can't exist
and feels his soul like a fist

And pink rabbits are always happy
Track Name: Wolf
I don't believe that I'll be a star singing this song
Well anyway the lines could easily be wrong
I don't believe that I'll understan anything at all
When I'll see my death coming bright and tall

I don't believe the world will ever have enough
Of fucking with the devil for the money and all that stuff
I don't believe tin scientists priests and alchemists
Politicians musicians and dancers of twist

And I feel so glad

I don't believe the work ennobles men
Well anyway for sure not the working men
I don't believe in culture I don't believe in sport
And I'm not sure that dieing for an idea was worth

I don't believe that sex is the best thing of all
I try to put my flesh after my soul
I don't believe that love is the answer for sure
But anyway it's the only way to keep yourself pure

And I feel so glad
I feel all right now
Track Name: I Miss You Forever
And once again we are best friends
This is the end of the dream we had

Remember when I had to take my car
And run so fast fearing you were dead my love?

Now every little star shines for you and I can't escape from thinking this
If we were star we may have been together still

It's over
It's the end

You know what I've been told? that time can't heal
You fall you rise and then you meet another girl

Lies lies for time is not real
Love can never stop once it starts and everything is forever

It's over
It's the end

Bye bye birdie
Lie down you're dead