Songs Of Innocence

by Are You Real?

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Written and recorded by A.

"A rebel yell for those who still seek beauty" - Rockit

"Find me a better album out today" - Rumore #240

"After the ecological crisis, the financial crash, the apocalypse, AYR? paints a possible future, where people has the courage to imagine again. A deep, touching work of beauty" - Music Club


released January 13, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Star Child Apocalypse
And, lo, there was a great earthquake
and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair
and the moon became as blood
and the stars of heaven fell unto the earth
even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs
when she is shaken of a mighty wind

And the heavens departed
as a scroll when it is rolled together
and every mountain and island
were moved out of their places

And the kings of the earth
and the great men and the rich men
and the chief captains and the mighty men
and every bondman and every free man
hid themselves in the dens
and in the rocks of the mountains

and said to the mountains and rocks
"Fall on us and hide us
for the day's come
and who shall be able to stand?"

Rev 6:12-17, King James Version
Track Name: The End Of The World
Children children of the night
now it's time for the fight
now the sun is gone and nothin' shines upon

Children children of the rain
were we born to feel this pain?
now we close our eyes and blow away all fear

And proud we stand
down the streets holdin' hands
And ring these bells
and let resound the rebel yell until the rocks start to sing

Children children of the world
now the world will disappear
they destroyed the pure but the pure was part of them too

So sing and shout
for the darkness to be rout
And shout and sing
for the love of everything

Everything will fade away
but today we stand strong

And beautiful
Track Name: Fairytale
There's a story I want to tell
about a boy who went to hell
He was stuck inside the dim
couldn't move like in a dream

There he saw a big black tree
the biggest tree he'd ever seen
darker than the darkest fear
He said "Child, why are you here?"

"I was walkin' in the town"
said the boy cooling down
"When I saw a normal man
kickin' a dog 'till it couldn't stand

I wish to God oh make a deal
please make the doggy heal
The sky was silent and clear
I closed my eyes and then I'm here"

"Oh my darling darling child"
said the tree with a voice mild
"God won't make the world again
just because of your own pain

There's so much for you to see
Won't you ever be like me
Now get lost away from here"
said the tree and hell disappeared
Track Name: I Miss You Forever
And once again we are good friends
Is this the end of the dream we had?

Remember when I had to take my car
and run so fast fearing you were dead my love?

Now every little star shines for you and I can't escape from thinkin' this
if we were stars we may have been together still

It's over
it's the end
it's over

You know what I've been told? that time can heal
you fall you raise and then you meet another girl

Lies lies 'cause time's not real
Love can't never stop once it starts and everything is forever

It's over
it's the end
it's over

Bye bye birdie lay down you're dead
Track Name: Humans
The king of the beggars is lookin' for food
The children have grown and the children have gone
And we hold on to the rain
and we hold on

Because we had skeletons fragile like birds
We're crashin' like cars and dreamin' to make
Love with a stranger

I read all the books and learnt all the songs
I had to slow down and watch myself still
to see I didn't have to learn anything
we didn't have to fear

Weird men

Now the city's bigger but has no foundations
and the animals run as soons as they smell
humans comin' 'round

I don't want to be deep I just want to go through
I'm not even trying to tell anything I'm only
with you

Wicked men

And the animals and the cars and the trees and the lonely men
and the night as black as the night
they are all spiralling
Track Name: The Last Song
And I want to go away
live in a truck
wake up hungry
and cook my last pack of rice

Outside the wind is howlin'
and I slept by the woods
I don't know which way to go
'cause I have no place to go
I just need to gas and drive
listenin' to the unkwnown song

And live with the animals
live like an animal
lovin' my breath and walkin' in silence
'till I see the sea

And write some postcard
to my family and my friends
sayin' “I don't know where I am
but it's beautiful here
the sky is wide weather is good
and I can go a little further

And I want to tell you
don't worry 'cause nothing can hurt me now

'cause I believe in the soul”
Track Name: Dream Dream Dream
I was dreaming
I was floatin' in the air

When I heard I voice
It said “Let yourself go with the air”

But I was stuck with fear
I didn't want to loose myslef

Then I heard the voice again
It said “You are only dreaming yourself
Just look around”

And I let go
Track Name: The Great Fire
What if we got off the grid
went out walked down the streets?
I think we should wake up open the doors
tear down the walls and walk down the streets

We should dismantle cars
make weird monuments out of them
We should exchange our clothes stop any clock
takes the names off the streets towns and countries and try to speak with animals

People who live by the sea should run to the sea
We should open the jails and the hospitals
for anyone to run
And there's no need to kill politicians liars
we all jump into the sea who can swim will swim

And who lives by the mountain
should try to climb it
We should try to climb the highest mountain
to prove ourselves
We would climb the mountain and take all the money and throw it in the air see it fall
taken by wind

And when winter falls we can make great fires
we could use torches to burn chairs and tables and fornitures and statues of musum and churches and books pictures newspapers all into the fire
We could save one or two pages
to remember how it was before
And if anyone protest let him do
he will change his mind

And we will stay close to keep warm and tell stories at night imagine tales make new histories
We could pretend we could pretend that what ended today was the stone age
Track Name: Another World
There's another world
the world is gone
the world to come is yet to come
the sky is torn and it rains

And the stars are thrown into the scraps
gravity's collapse
we run undressed
we clush in the dark

There's another world
and people talk and talk
they're made of stone we're never born
who can walk onto the earth?

And the school's for fools
and love's a deal
only animals are real
how does it feel into another world?

There's another world
we wish upon the air
it's time to go it's time to be

Into another world
a flashing light a child who dies
a coincidence
a flower blooms

And your heart
was sad and beautiful
sad and beautiful

your skin

And we're living in another world